Ladera Ranch Foot Specialist

Why is it we rarely take care of our feet? They’re the most used parts of our body yet we neglect them.
At Ladera Ranch Foot Specialist we put right what you do wrong. When was the last time you examined your feet or had them examined for you? You may smile but care and treatment of your feet are vitally important.

Walking, running, standing all day , wearing ill-fitting shoes-these all take a toll. How many times have you come in from work, or from the mall, or even from the gym with aching feet? And how many times have you done anything about it? Probably never.

At Ladera Ranch Foot Specialist we are experts. We are experts in treatments for ankle and foot pain as well as infections and sports injuries. We guarantee that you will receive courteous, professional and expert care and that whatever your foot problem we can help. Remember we are not merely foot doctors we are foot specialists.

But you shouldn’t just visit Ladera Ranch Foot Specialist when you’re in pain or when something goes wrong. As the old adage states: ‘prevention is better than cure”

Sure we can treat flat feet, bunions, fungal infections, and twisted ankles but it’s better for you if you visit us regularly for preventative treatment rather than waiting for pain to strike! The health of your feet reflects your general health. Some conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and nerve disorders are shown first in the feet so regular examinations by a foot specialist can help discover these conditions before they become too serious.

You need to take care of your feet not just when you’re in pain but for life. To do that you don’t need a foot doctor you need a foot specialist.